Scholarship Information

The Massachusetts Judges Association will award scholarships to selected recipients at the Winter Finals of NESBA/MBDA annually.

  • All groups who participate in NESBA, MICCA, or MBDA are invited to submit applicants from their unit who are high school seniors or already enrolled in college. A committee of educators and judges will review these applications and select students who stand out in qualities of academic, artistic and personal achievements.
  • Applications for Scholarships must be submitted BY NO LATER THAN deadlines established. 
  • All required paperwork must be attached to this Scholarship Application.

The MJA Executive Board has established the following guidelines regarding the scholarship(s).

  1. A minimum of 6 total applications must be received by the scholarship committee in any given year in order for scholarships to be awarded. I there are less than 6 applications, scholarship funds for that year will be pushed forward to the next years applicant pool, and scholarship amounts for that year could be raised.
  2. The recipient must be in his/her senior year of high school or already attending a college/university.
  3. The recipient must be pursuing any type of post-secondary education.
  4. The recipient must be an active marching member of NESBA, MICCA, or MBDA unit who competed in the current season.
  5. Scholarship(s) granted will be paid by check written to the student. Scholarship money may be used by the student for tuition, books, and room/board. Recipients will be required to submit enrollment verification to MJA for their first term of enrollment. Scholarships will need to be returned if active enrollment is not achieved.
  6. Number of scholarships awarded each year will be determined by the MJA Executive Board.
  7. Scholarships will be granted for one year only, but recipients may re-apply the next year if he/she remains active with a unit and meets all the other requirements.
  8. Selections will be made by a committee consisting of at least five individuals representing various pageantry activities, whose decisions will be final.
  9. Awards will be presented at the NESBA/MBDA winter finals.
  10. All Scholarship applications will remain confidential.



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