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MJA has assigned judging tiers to all of it active judges.  Our judging tiers are as follows:

  • Master - Master Level members are members who are determined by the Board of Directors in conjunction with the Director of Education to be at the highest level of proficiency as a judge in a specific caption(s) with a substantial history of judging experience.
  • Journeyman - Journeyman Level members are members who show continued growth of skills and are on the track to Master level.
  • Apprentice - Apprentice Level members are members who are currently in training and working with a mentor towards Journeyman status.
  • Associate - Associate Level members are members who wish to be voting members of the association, but are not on a judging track.

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Name Tier/WGI Certify Level Area Notes
Andrew Bard Journeyman Visual - Equipment  
Patricia Beggy Master - 400 Visual  2018 Member of the Year
Antoine Blalark Master Visual  
Jeff Bolduc Master Music  
Peter Bonaccorsi Master Music  
Denise Bonfiglio Master - 400 Visual  
Joseph Brogan Master Music Executive Board Member
Richard "Dick" Burke Master Visual   
Cameron Carey Apprentice - 200 Visual  
Robert Cavanaugh Master Visual Effect  
Christopher Correia Journeyman Percussion Executive Board Member
David Correia Associate GUEST  
Jeremy Denzer Journeyman - 300 Visual Secretary/Treasurer
John Dooley Apprentice Visual  
Joel Dube Journeyman - 400 Visual President
Peter Furnari Master Percussion  
Jerry Glover Master Visual  
Robert Godin Journeyman Visual Executive Board Member
David Graichen Associate MBDA President  
Alessandra Greco Apprentice Visual  
Michael Guertin Master - 200 Percussion Vice-President
Kenneth Higgins Master T&P  
Greg Horne Journeyman Visual  
Addison Kaeterle Journeyman Visual  
Anne Keegan Master Visual  
Kathy Kerrins Master Visual  
Michaelene Kumer Master Visual  
JP Lanctot Apprentice Visual  
Tom Lizotte Master Music  
Greg Llacer Master Visual  
Lennie Machado Associate NESBA President  
Mark Maguire Journeyman Music  
Bob Mulvanity Master - 200 Visual  
Brian Murphy Master - 400 Visual 2019 Member of the Year
Joe Nee Master Visual Past President
Michael Newman Journeyman Percussion  
Hieu Nguyen Master - 400 Visual  
Joe Nuccio Master Music  
Gene O'Brien Journeyman Music  
George Oliviero Master Visual Past President
Kristen O'Melia Master Visual Past President
Charles A. Poole, Jr. Master Percussion  
Taylor Pratt Apprentice Visual  
Christopher Raichle Master Visual  
Michael Rayner Apprentice Visual - Percussion  
Jeffrey Smith Master Music  
Neal Smith Master Visual 2017 Member of the Year
Tony Smith Master Visual  
William Solari Journeyman Music  
Derek Soohoo Apprentice Percussion  
Jeff Stewart Master - 400 Visual  
Deborah Torchia Master Visual Director of Education
James Vitagliano Master - 300 Visual Past President
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